Everything You Need To Know About Dentures-Dr-Anuj-Barolia
Everything You Need To Know About Dentures
September 18, 2018
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October 19, 2018

Understanding Root Canals

Understanding Root Canals-Dr-Anuj-Barolia

Do you feel a lot of pain while having coffee or sipping a cold drink? You might be having an infected tooth which causes the pain. This is exactly where your dentist might suggest you to go for a root canal. Root canal is a specialised type of treatment which helps in the repairing a tooth or teeth that is badly infected or damaged.  At the time when a tooth is decayed or is affected with infection, root canal is regarded as one of the most suitable options for treatment. The root canal treatment is also referred to as endodontic treatment. “Root Canal” is basically the term used from describing the natural cavity lying within the centre of the tooth.

Treatment Procedure for Root Canals

Root canal might be an unknown term for many and they are of the viewpoint that the procedure is an extremely complicated one. Do you feel the same about root canal? If yes, then read through to learn more about root canal. X-ray is the first step of the treatment which is done for identifying the shape of the root canal, exact location and spread of the decay.

  • In the next step, the dentist applies local anaesthesia for numbing the surrounding area of the decayed tooth or teeth.
  • The next step is pulpectomy where a hole is drilled in the infected tooth and the pulp from inside it is taken out including the bacteria along with the other unwanted items. Thus, a proper cleaning is done.
  • After the cleaning is completed, the drilled hole is properly filled with gutta-percha material.
  • The final step in the treatment procedure is sealing which is done after filling is over. The hole is sealed with a type of cementing material for making it permanent.

Why Do You Need Root Canal?

You might feel why to go for root canal or why do I need root canal? As an answer to your question, you should know that root canal is necessary at the time when the pulp and the soft tissue inside the root canal becomes infected, inflamed or damaged. Root canal helps in the appropriate treatment of the infection so that it does not spreads causing further damage to the tooth and the oral cavity as a whole along with a sharp shooting pain.

Common Myths Associated with Root Canal

Are you still not sure of going for the root canal? Are you hesitating because of the things that you have heard from others? Do not believe in everything what you hear about root canal since a lot of myths are prevailing which might leave you worried while going for root canal. It would be ideal to consult an oral healthcare expert to know the details and go through the common myths associated with root canal.

  • The treatment is very painful.
  • The nerves of the tooth are removed completely and hence no pain would be felt later on.
  • If no pain is felt, root canal is not required.
  • Root canal means the whole tooth is removed.
  • No visit to the dentist is required after root canal is done.

Apart from these, there are a number of other myths as well and it would practical not to believe in them, instead go for quality root canal services in Vadodara.

Services We Offer

At Dr. Anuj Barolia’s Dental Studio, we offer painless single sitting root canal treatment at the best prices so that the patients are hundred percent satisfied without getting a single chance to complain. The state of art infrastructure and vastly experienced dentist will certainly give you an unmatched experience.

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