Meet your Smile Doctor – Improve Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

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Meet your Smile Doctor – Improve Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry-Dr Anuj Barolia

cosmetic dentistry

A confident smile can have intense effects on your overall appearance, which is quite important for every individual. Dr. Anuj Barolia’s Cosmetic Dental treatments help you to restore your healthy smile once again. Usually, the smallest step in smile enhancement can boost your self-esteem and thus make you want to smile much more.

Dentistry is no longer only about teeth extraction, filling up cavities, or diagnosing and treating oral disease. In current times with the modern advances in aesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, even the minute changes in cosmetic procedures can give your smile a whole new look and change your appearance resulting leading to increase in level of your confidence.

The treatments of cosmetic dentistry are used to lighten, repair, reshape or replacement of missing teeth and also can correct aesthetic issues that make you embarrassed like gapped, chipped and stained teeth. Therefore, many people are opting for cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve their overall appearance.


Cosmetic dentistry is the professional oral care treatment focusing on improving the appearance of the teeth, smile, bite, or mouth; thus usually refers to any particular dental work by improving dental aesthetics in position, color, size, shape, alignment and overall appearance. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are elective than essential, whereas in some cases, the treatment also offers therapeutic benefits. However, it is quite important to choose a trained, skilled, and experienced dentist to perform any procedures in cosmetic dentistry.


There are also several different cosmetic dentistry treatments available, addressing all types of your dental concerns to improve your smile. Following are some treatment you must go through the list to understand them better.

Composite Bonding:

Cosmetic-Composite-Bonding-or-Porcelain-Veneers-Which-Is-BetterBroken, chipped, discolored, gapped, or decayed teeth are usually repaired, or their appearances are corrected through this composite bonding procedure. A thin coating of composite resin resembling the color of tooth dentin or enamel is used on the tooth surface or into the cavity, where it is then sculpted into hardened, shape, and contoured with a high-intensity light. Bonding is simple, quick and one of the least expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures and lasts for several years.

Tooth Caps or Crowns:

Tooth caps or dental crowns are mainly used to restore healthy appearance of your jaw by correcting cracked, chipped, worn down, misshapen, or discolored teeth. Crowns are available in numerous material options including porcelain fused to metal, metal, ceramic, or resin as per on your requirements or budget. However, although a bit time-consuming, the process has the longest life expectancy among all cosmetic restorations.

Dental or Indirect Fillings:

This procedure is quite long lasting and thus is one of the most common dental treatments made from composite or porcelain materials. This process supports to restore the shape of teeth, strengthen teeth, and avoid further deterioration or decay.

Teeth Whitening:

composite bondingTooth whitening is possibly the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure. Over the years, teeth often get stained and worn from drinks, food, personal habits, medication, or poor oral hygiene. Teeth bleach can enhance the appearance of your smile. Whitening should also be done after tartar, plaque, and other debris, etc. to restore their natural appearance.

Dental Veneers:

This process involves adhesive bonding between porcelain or composite laminates and the surface of a tooth to repair or correct chips and cracks, which will improve severe tooth discoloration or a worn appearance. Veneers are also often recommended if there are any gaps in your teeth or if the tooth enamel is disrupted.


Apart from the treatments mentioned, there are also a few to be mentioned offered by cosmetic dentistry Vadodara, such as bridging, tooth reconstructing, dental implanting, reshaping or contouring of teeth, etc.


Today’s, advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments are offering a wide variety of advantages to patients by helping them to get a beautiful smile. Some of the benefits include the following.

  • A brighter and whiter smile
  • Stronger teeth
  • Straighter, more proportionate and symmetrical teeth
  • Improved oral health


The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies with the particular type of cosmetic dentistry treatment you are opting for. Some treatments are cost-effective, whereas others are not. Several other factors that influence the price rates of the treatment include the dentist whom you have chosen, the materials used for the treatment, and the severity of your dental condition.

Dr. Anuj Barolia’s Dental Studio offers cosmetic dental treatments for the perfect solution for every smile with affordable quality dental care. Dr. Anuj Barolia is highly trained and experienced and thus guides you with the best possible treatments so that patients can obtain incredible life-changing smiles. Feel free to visit our website Dental Studio for any further doubts or queries.

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