Dental Implants

Best Dental Implant Treatment in Vadodara

Single Tooth Replacement

Two Stage Implant Procedure

Dental implants are basically root forms that are made from titanium. These implants are placed in the jaw bone from where a decayed tooth has been removed. Thus they take the place of the root of the original tooth and get infused with the bones around. Dentals implants can be done wither immediately after the tooth has been removed or at a much later stage when the place has healed from infection. The visible part of the teeth or the crown is constructed after the implanted titanium root gets completely infused to the bone.

Immediate Implant

Nevertheless, in such cases where the front tooth is removed because of certain damage, an immediate replacement becomes obvious. It has been proved that dental implant is the best and safest way of replacing teeth and that is why titanium roots are immediately implanted in the jaw bone after a removal and a provisional crown is provided. Once the roots get infused and area heals, a permanent crown is given.

Multiple Teeth Replacement

When there is a requirement of replacing and implanting of more than one tooth it is called multiple teeth replacement. Each of the teeth is replaced using separate dental implants. Otherwise, enough root forms are created so as to provide the user with required tooth area to chew. Afterwards this area can be restored using advanced tooth bridges.

Total Tooth Replacement

All on Six

If in case all the sets of teeth is lost or removed then they can be restored using 6 dental implants and bridge or hybrid screw to retain the denture. The dentures come screwed to the dental implants and thus it is not possible for the patient to remove it. That is why these dentures are treated as permanent or fixed replacements. Nonetheless they will need to be maintained on a yearly basis.

Best Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificially created roots used for replacing a removed or missing teeth. These implants are made from Zirconium and Titanium. Implants are available in different shapes and sizes of human teeth. They are infused with the jaw bone and acts as a support to hold the prosthetic crown. Dental implant is the most advanced way of orthodontic treatment of replacing a removed tooth.


With dental implants it has been possible to provide numerous patients with the best benefits for their teeth.

Dental implants provide a great value for money. With proper treatments of dental implants your smile gets even better. You start feeling better with a set of new glistening teeth. Implants are far better off than traditional removable bridges as it offers equal force while biting. Dental implants lasts a lifetime provided it is taken care of.

  • Feels like natural tooth
  • Improves appearance
  • Provides comfort
  • Improves the quality of speech
  • Very convenient to use
  • Boosts up confidence


Stage One

The Implant Procedure

The procedure of the implant is similar whether you need a single replacement or multiple. In this picture shown there is a single tooth missing. For the purpose of demonstration let us assume that the patient does not have any medical condition.

Placing the Implant

The placing of the implants involves particular shape and size of each tooth and its strategic locations inside the mouth. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. The entire surgery takes about 45 minutes to maximum one hour. The healing is smooth and does not affect the patient provided he takes the prescribed medicines. Implants can be done immediately after removal of the teeth.

The Healing Process – Osseo-integration

Dental implants take about two to three months to heal. It does not take more than this time frame to get infused in the lower jaw bone which is commonly known as Osseo integration. Osseo means bone which starts to grow surrounding the implant providing it a firm and strong integration with the bone tissue that lasts for a lifetime.

Stage Two

Attaching the Abutment

The advanced technology enables Zirconium abutments that remain attached to the implant post in order to guarantee that the new porcelain tooth contains the exact translucency as that of a natural tooth.

Placing the Crown

Crowns are custom made as per the shape and size of the patients tooth. Impression is taken and color shade is matched to the original tooth before manufacturing. The crown is put over the implant post and then sealed with cement.

The Implant after completion

The completed crown will look exactly like the original one.

Applications of Implant Orthodontic Treatment

Dental implants are recommended and incorporated in many cases for overall dental treatment plans that require removal or extraction of tooth. Many patients can have the option of replacing each tooth after extraction depending upon the condition of his bone. Implants are also required for securing dentures and bridges.

Frequently Asked Questions: Dental Implants

Q1. When will I need a dental implant?

You will need a dental implant if you already have a missing tooth. Implants are also required for severely decayed teeth that have to be removed or broken teeth. You can only find out whether you need an implant or not from an orthodontic surgeon or a proficient oral care provider. The surgeon will understand whether the condition of your jaw bone is good enough to sustain an implant successfully.

Q2. What kind of dental implant process should I expect after me and my dentist have decided for the treatment?

The treatment of dental implants involves multiple step process that can take up from six to nine months to get completed. The process begins with the placing of a titanium rod in the jaw bone where the tooth is missing. The rod is being infused with the surrounding gum and it is sutured shut permanently over the implant. This will stay for several months while the implant heals and get more infused with the surrounding jaw bone. The average time of dental implant takes around 1 to 2 hours. During this time you will be locally anesthetized or sedated. After the implant is healed after several months you will then be ready for the next step and that is crowning.

Q3. What kind of care do I need post treatment?

Since it is an invasive surgery that requires you to be locally anesthetized for a couple of hours it is normal for you to experience pain and discomfort that may also include swelling and bruising. Nevertheless, you can keep the pain and inflammation at bay with codeine, hydrocodone or over the counter analgesic. You may be prescribed to eat soft and semi solid foods for a couple of weeks until the area heals from swelling and bruises.

Q4. What are the time scales of each treatment?

If the patient undergoes a basic dental implant treatment then it may take as little as eight to ten weeks approximately from the placement of the implant to the final stage of fitting the crown. However, in many cases this treatment can take longer depending upon the condition and complexity of the patient undergoing the treatment. It can extend to up to one year at the most. The time frame of the treatment for each patient can be determined once the area has been diagnosed by an orthodontic surgeon.

Q5. Why should you choose dental implant?

Dental implant is the best and most advanced way of replacing a missing or extracted tooth. It looks natural and feels natural too. The replaced tooth does not slip or make any sound while talking, eating, laughing or chewing. Thus it helps in boosting up the confidence for the patient. Dental implants are also the healthiest treatment option to replace a missing tooth since they help in supporting the jawbone, keeping the structure of the face unharmed.