Myths About Dental Implant Addressed

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Myths About Dental Implant Addressed

Myths About Dental Implants Address-Dr Anuj Barolia-Dental Studio-in-Vadodara

Do you have a missing tooth or teeth? We understand it causes embarrassment when you smile in the public. We suggest dental implants which would be the ideal option in this regard. Dental implants are not only perfect for a single missing tooth but also very good for cases where more than one tooth is missing.

Concept of Dental Implants

Dental implants are actually screws or metal posts which are positioned surgically in place where the tooth is missing into the jaw bone underlying the gums. Getting the dental implants is one of the most effective options for a missing tooth replacement or simply smile correction. But still there are a number of people who are still hesitating to go for the dental implants.

Misconceptions About Dental Implants

Among the individuals who are hesitating to go for getting dental implants are actually victim of some of the most common misconceptions prevailing about the procedure. The common myths about the process of dental implants play a vital role in preventing the individuals to go for it are as enumerated below.

  • The first common myth about dental implants is that the process is very painful and the implant surgery is invasive. But the fact is that the surgery is minimally invasive and performed under a local anaesthesia where the patients feel no pain at all.

  • There are many who believe that dental implants are very risky to perform which is the reason as to why they prefer not to go for it. In reality, it is not at all a risky procedure and choosing an experienced oral practitioner eliminates all worries.

  • Many are of the viewpoint that the dental implants take forever to heal which is why they do not opt for the procedure. But in general, it heals within a maximum of six months but varies from patients to patients.

  • Some people believe that the dental implants are easily noticed by others and so they would feel awkward but the fact is that the implants are the best option for getting a natural looking tooth.

Best Dental Implants Services in Vadodara-Dr Anuj Barolia

Apart from these, another of the common myth about the dental implants is that the procedure is too costly and is very difficult to be afforded. But the truth is that, though the initial cost is on the higher side, it is a permanent solution. Therefore, in the long run the procedure would certainly be a cost effective one.

At Dr Anuj’s Dental Studio in Vadodara we offer patients the best solutions when it comes to Dental Implants. We offer Multiple Teeth Replacement and Total Tooth Replacement to our clients. Implants are far better off than traditional removable bridges as it offers equal force while biting. For more information call: +91 0265-2336943 / +91 90338 73053

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